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Best Buy Cio

Mr. Gillett joined Starbucks in 2008 as its CIO and helped form the Digital Ventures business unit that made Starbucks a leader in mobile payments, created best-in-class smartphone apps and put free Wi-Fi in stores. Best Buy will look to Mr. Gillett to help it make technology a bigger part of the customer experience while enhancing operations and processes.

best buy cio


Seven & i Holdings With more than 22,600 Seven-Eleven and Ito-Yokado superstores serving more than 25 million customers on a daily basis, this Japanese retailer wanted to create retail experiences to meet shopper needs as the pandemic landscape evolves. The company selected AWS to build a common digital platform to analyze group sales data and forecast a selection of goods that best match consumer preferences in specific geographic locations.

Mr. Georgakopoulos is a Cybersecurity Executive with more than 25 years of experience building Global Information Security programs for some of the largest global financial institutions in the world. He is currently serving as the Global Chief Technology and Chief Information Security Officer of Mondelez International. He is an industry recognized expert in the field of cybersecurity and building cyber security organizations. He has led Information Security programs, advised C-Level executives, Board of Directors, security industry organizations, as well as regulators on matters involving cybersecurity, incident response and security best practices. Mr. Georgakopoulos has supported organizations in some of the most complex cybersecurity breaches and coordinated incident response efforts with multiple law enforcement agencies and regulators.

Previously, Amanda served as VP Head of Trait and Pipeline Delivery in R&D Breeding, where she was responsible for the early development of new seed and trait products in row crops and the production of seed for testing. In this role, her team also created best-in-class global planning and logistics capabilities for breeding operations and developed global protected culture facilities to improve product delivery. Throughout her tenure at Bayer, Amanda has played various critical roles in R&D, such as helping to develop new high-throughput genotyping platforms and elucidating the mode of action of trait product concepts.

Bramwell explains to ZDNet how he will support the technology and the business to achieve the Said school's growth aspirations. As well as outlining his initial objectives, Bramwell offers five best practice tips for newly appointed CIOs and outlines his long-term vision for both IT at Said and his own position in the organisation.

"We will also need to raise our game in terms of digital enablement," he says. "I'd like to have outlined a clear web strategy that is student, faculty, and staff-centric. I'll have created a highly motivated IT team that is best-aligned to support the requirements of the school, and we'll be using strategic technology to help the organisation meets its aims."

Kingsberry said by moving to shared developer platforms agencies can focus on the business or mission side to drive the technology. He said agencies can lay other considerations, whether legal or national security or others, on top of the initiative to decide the best direction instead of worrying about having to build the technology too.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. (Applause.) Hey, thanks for the welcome. You make it believable. (Laughter.) I tell you what, it's like visiting Jimmy Williams in Philadelphia. (Laughter.) Hey, it's good to be -- at least in my best comfort zone, man. The best place for me to be my whole career is surrounded by organized labor. And I know how to say "union." (Applause.)

Ladies and gentlemen, I think President Obama said it best when he said -- I'm quoting -- "I don't buy the argument that providing workers with collective bargaining rights somehow weakens the economy or worsens the business environment." If you've got workers who have a decent pay and benefits, they also are customers for your business. (Applause.)

And our objective -- and I mean this sincerely -- is to put every American in the spot before we leave office to be able to look their kid in the eye and say, "Honey, it's going to be okay." For those men and women who want to work, which is the vast, vast, overwhelming majority of the American people, that's the least we should provide to them. And you all have been the best platform in the world to put them in a position to be able to say that. 041b061a72

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