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Starbound Build Your Own Ship Frackin Universe \/\/TOP\\\\

To this end, Frackin Universe has a Build Your Own Ship system that upon choosing, will allow you to be the master of your entire ship. Replace the entire thing, fly in a tiny hut made of mud & grass. Or build something so massive it takes up the entire shipworld. Go wild. Build wild.

starbound build your own ship frackin universe

1. Ship Spawn Teleporter, FTL Fuel Hatch, Captain's Chair, FTL/STL Drive and S.A.I.L Interface should be placed on your ship. It might work without the S.A.I.L Interface, but won't do much good without the rest.

Play or skip the tutorial. When it asks whether you want the default ship or the Build Your Own Ship (BYOS) option, choose BYOS. This allows you to skip a huge block of vanilla Starbound progression and immediately construct a ship of your dreams.

Always deploy with your Mech on new worlds. Depending on how much (if any) time you spend with the Mech-building side of things, your Mech will not make you invulnerable to planet effects or damage for long. That said, it will absolutely extend your life by a few precious seconds in case you get beamed down in the middle of a USCM camp full of snipers that can one-shot you. Just note that if your Mech explodes, you die with it. So either beam back up to your ship or bail.

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