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Bob Marley's Legend: The Best-Selling Reggae Album of All Time - Free Zip File Download

in the end, i felt the release of these three albums was a bit of a letdown, particularly when compared to the stellar album legend and the albums ive heard on the bonus tracks sound like they were recorded in the 70s and 80s, but maybe thats a good thing. i still feel, however, that ive missed a lot by not going straight to legend and the first album. while i would love to have every bob marley album, its not possible. perhaps this is a good thing, and i should be thankful that marley didnt give us a live album, as i was expecting a live album. perhaps, one day, he will.

bob marley legend full album download zip

Download Zip:

if you did, youll find that amazon has an autogenerated bob marley legend album download list. as far as i know, you can only download these mp3s on that website, but you should be able to find their conversion info in their comments. search for the first two files, and theyre all youll need.

its the result of a little experiment ive been performing. i know you can run the samples in this blog post through tunemate and get the original tracks, but ive been doing that and i found that it makes my computer have a seizure. i dont want to kill my computer, so thats why i leave the comments blank. however, its there if you want to go through it yourself. i also have a pdf of the files i used if you want to download that too. they can be found on my shinydark page.

there are a couple of other ways to get mp3s of these songs, but theyre a pain in the ass. if you want to do it yourself, youre going to have to run each of these files through tunemate and either save them as separate mp3s or zip them up and then re-import them into tunemate, where you can drag them into the song browser, and then drag them into the shuffle list. hopefully, theyll work with the shuffle list, but i havent tested them myself. ive just been listening to them using itunes, and that works fine. but if youre a true bob marley fan, youre going to want to stick with tunemate.

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