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eGeeTouch is an NFC+Bluetooth luggage lock embedded with intelligent proximity access technology provides incredibly hassle free experience and high security for safeguarding your personal belongings in a suitcase. You need no key, no dialling tiny digit-wheels, no worry on forgetting combination code for unlocking or concern over your 3-digit code is easily cracked! Simply tap an accompanied NFC tag or a paired your mobile device (Android & iOS smartphones) with eGeeTouch App to unlock and track you luggage in vicinity. It has a built-in smart microchip tag for luggage identification that replaces traditional leather tags.

gt estimate crack lock download

Unlike many conventional combination digit-wheel dial locks that can be cracked in seconds, eGeeTouch NFC+Bluetooth smart luggage locks are preprogramed with patented algorithm having 6-alphanumeric codes containing over many millions of IDs. The preprogramed ID is further encrypted to enhance proximity access NFC security. A proprietary communication protocol is further deployed for multiple security layers preventing unauthorized attempts to extract stored information. User defined unlocking IDs can be conveniently set by authorized lock's owner and securely stored on your Android &/or iOS smartphone or tablet using eGeeTouch App, or PC without the need to remember codes. This security protocol is similar to those online banking or retailer's point-of-sales payment but simpler to use. For more info on Innovation Awards Click here.

Yes... however, once zippers or lock are tempered (e.g. break-in/burglary/robbery), the damage provide visible tempering evidence/proofs allowing luggage owner to seek insurance claims/damages from transport/airport operator. In contrast, stealing or thief achieved by cracking a combination/key lock provides no physical tempering evidence of stolen contents, hence luggage owner is unable to raise a case for seeking damages.

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