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Guddu Ki Gun In Hindi Movie REPACK

The movie starts with Guddu (Kunal Khemu), who is a washing powder salesman and goes from door to door to sell it. Being a flirt that he is, he also sleeps with desperate women during the course. Life is fun, until he sleeps with a girl and because of her grandfather''s curse, Guddu''s penis turns into gold. Now the only way for him to get back to being normal is by stumbling upon a girl who is his true love.

Guddu Ki Gun in hindi movie


Yes you read it... Above is the story and it''s crappy as hell. It doesn''t make any sense and if you are thinking that possessing a senseless script, the movie will be humorous. Then I am extremely sorry to say that that is again not the case here. ''Guddu Ki Gun'' has a story that sounds fun, but because of some lazy writing by Shantanu Ray Chhibber and Sheershak Anand, the movie becomes a torture. Shantanu and Sheershak''s helming is equally bad.

Even the movie is suggestively titled 'Guddu Ki Gun' which, kind of, makes it easy to believe the news. Though not much else has been said about the movie yet, we're wondering how this'll get past the Censor Board. What are girlfriend Soha Ali Khan's thoughts on this?

Dekhe jab haseen jigar Haseen nazar haseen umar Mara mara fire guudu Akela hi iadhar udhar Ho guddu uda uda kyun Hai bata color tera Ho guddu gale pe kyun Aaya kat jigar tera

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