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Pirox Pvp Tools 3.3.5a 17 |VERIFIED|

Piroxicam is a member of class II of the Biopharmaceutics Classification System (BCS) of drugs.5 The substances included in this class are either completely insoluble or meagerly soluble in aqueous fluids; however, they possess remarkable ability to traverse cell membranes efficiently.6 Piroxicam is scarcely soluble in aqueous media, as it imparts about 23 µg/mL solubility in water.7 Water is the main component of gastrointestinal (GI) fluid. A BCS class II entity is meagerly dissolved in GI fluid present in the lumen of the GI tract. Only when the drug is in a solution state in GI fluid can it traverse cells.8 Owing to its exiguous solubility in GI fluid, piroxicam is not sufficiently permeated through cells, and hence the drug titer in the systemic circulation is not effective to block the activity of COX type 2 or COX type 2 enzymes well. An alternative way to achieve effective bioavailability is to administer the drug at higher quantities; however, this may induce severe deleterious effects in the GI tract. Therefore, adoption of a suitable solubility-improvement technique is a more sagacious way to cope with this problem.

pirox pvp tools 3.3.5a 17

Effect of composition on aqueous solubility of piroxicam in piroxicam-loaded gelatinnanocontainers). Solubility of piroxicam plain drug powder (PPDP) and physical mixture (PM) in water are also shown. Each value shows the mean SD (n=3).

Effect of composition on release rate of piroxicam from piroxicam-loaded gelatinnanocontainers. Dissolution with piroxicam plain drug powder (PPDP) and physical mixture (PM) is also shown. Each value shows the mean SD (n=6). 350c69d7ab

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